Plants Vs. Zombies 2 free Coins

Plants vs. Zombies 2, It’s a tower defense game by PopCap games. This game is a successful game of Plants vs. Zombies series. This game released for Android and iOS in 2013.  A coin is a primary currency in the Plants vs. Zombies 2. Players need coins to buy plants food and buy power-ups during the game. Plants Vs. Zombies 2 free Coins are easy to get, so read below article till the end.

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 free Coins

You need to defend your garden in this game using different plants. You need to choose the best plant to win the match. Plants will prevent your house from Zombies. If you want to avoid your home and garden, you need more coins. Coins are required to buy nutrition and tools for the plants.

I have seen many sites that claim to give free Plans Vs. Zombies 2 free coins. I tested a maximum of them, but all were scams. These kinds of websites are fake scam sites. You need to avoid this kind of places. They will issue your information and won’t give any coins to you. So today I have to make a list of different legal ways to make Plant vs. Zombies coin for free.

So let’s move to our list for Plants Vs. Zombies 2 free Coins.

1. Play More

Coins are the heart of the game in Plants vs. Zombies 2. There are many opportunities to earn coins by playing this game. You need to place the right plant to prevent zombies. After you defeat Zombies, some of them will give out coins in return. You need to watch these coins during gameplay. You can collect them by directly touching it. When you move, it will add to your coin bank. There are different kinds of coins they are silver coins, gold coins, and a blue diamond. Silver coins are equal to 10 coins, and gold coins are worth 100 coins. Sometimes Zombies also drop blue diamond coins, which are worth 500 coins.

2. Preserve Lawnmowers

You can use Lawnmowers as your final defense against Zombies. If you defend without using them, then they will convert into silver coins and added to your coins bank. You can also get more coins by defeating zombies. On the previously completed levels and yeti levels, you can get a bag of coins worth 3,500 coins.

3. Plant

If you have any empty pots, then you need to plant a plant. Water them when required, Now they will grow the plant will give you the coin. The growth of a plant is time-based, you need to wait some time to let them grow, and you can use them. When the plants reach another growth point, then you can collect some coins. After the coins reach its maturity, then it will release some gold coins.

4.  Take Part in the Daily Event

You can click at the ground of the screen to take part in events. They are unique and special. You can’t play the same game for more than one time. Defeat Zombies in the daily activity and get rewarded. When you complete events then you can get rewards from the small amount to 3,500 coins. Not only coins but you can also get costumes and gems for completing the activities.

These were the best way to get Plants Vs. Zombies 2 free Coins for free. You don’t need to pay anything but if you feel boring these activities. Then you can buy coins from the store, but you need to spend real-world money on it. But you can also use gift cards to buy them. Never use a scam site that claims to give you free Plants vs. Zombies 2 coins for free. They all are fake scam sites; they will issue your information. Try the above mentioned legal ways to make Plants vs. Zombies 2 coins. Happy Gaming

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