Clash of Clans Free Gems 2018 [whitehat method]

In this article, gamersdady is going to tell you about a clash of clans free gems earning technique, this method is full white hat method read the article up to last to know that fact how to get gems that at all free.

Clash of Clans is probably the most famous mobile game. It is played by making own village and attacking other players village. In Clash of Clans, there is a vital currency called gems. They are very much essential to build our village and do many other activities. It’s not easy to collect gems because the developers want players to buy gems with real cash from them. But don’t worry in this article I will teach you how to get free gems in Clash of Clans.

There are different ways to collect gems in Clash of Clans. I will describe as much as possible, so let’s move the different ways to

clash of clans free gems
clash of clans free gems

 Steps  to win the clash of clans free gems

You should know the different ways to save your gems otherwise there is no value in earning gems. So at first, I will try to give you tips on how you can keep your gems. At first, when you start playing Clash of Clans, you will receive 500 gems for free. But among the 500 gems, you need to spend 250 gems during the tutorial. That 250 gems will be paid in the Builder’s Hunt.  In the tutorial, they will suggest you spend more gems but ignore their suggestion. So you can save the remaining gems.

In Clash of Clans, you can buy games resources with gems. But don’t purchase resource with the gems. You will earn all of these resources while playing them so don’t spend your valuable gems on them. You shouldn’t use gems to speed up the times this will also help you to save some gems. While playing Clash of Clans, you should try to obtain Builders Hunt; when you get builders to hunt, you can start spending gems on other things.

You should make the behavior of checking the list of available achievements. Clash of Clans will reward you when you accomplish specific goals. When you open the achievement icon, then you can see the current progress towards the achievement. Every achievement has three different levels. You can earn up to 8,637 gems for completing the achievements.

Fighting with other players is another best way to earn clash of clans free gems. You can make thousands of gems by battling with other players. There are many achievements available from where you can collect huge gems. These achievements need specific requirements like winning specific trophies, defending and many more.

You can also earn a few clash of clans free gems by completing small tasks like upgrading your town, removing obstacles, stealing gold, unlocking units, finishing the campaign. Performing these activities will help you to increase your gems easily. After completing achievements always check the claim reward options in the achievements list. If there is any reward is unclaimed, then claim it. Clash of Clans also rewards players for completing events. So check the event button to increase your clash of clans free gems by completing them.

There are other methods also from where you can get gems like google opinion reward app. This tricks only work for the Android users. At first, you need to go to the play store. Then search and download google opinion reward app. You will earn google play credits for doing surveys in this app. Until now this app is not available for iOS users. They will send you a notification when there is the survey open for you. You will get between $0.10 to $1 for completing small surveys. Everyone can do this small task of filling surveys. You should try to complete surveys as more as you can. Then when there is sufficient amount to withdraw from your account, then you need to open a gem store. In the Gem store, there will be different packages available at the various price. You need to select the suitable package then choose your Google play balance as your payment method. In this way, you can increase your Gems easily. Don’t get afraid to download this google opinion reward because it is the official app by Google.

All the methods described above in this article are legitimate ways to earn Gems. Try as instructed above and increase your Gems. Please don’t use third-party websites and apps to improve your Gems. Many websites and apps are claiming they will give free gems. But never use them, they can harm your Clash of Clan account.

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