Coin Dozer Games – Best Ever Coin Pusher Games

Coin Dozer is a famous coin pusher game developed by Game Circus LLC. This game is available for Android on Google Play and iPhone/iPad/iOS at iTunes. Coin Dozer games are one of the best casino coin pusher games ever. There are many games under Coin Dozer.

Top 11 Coin Dozer Games

  1. Coin Dozer Free Prizes
  2. Coin Dozer Season
  3. Coin Dozer Casino
  4. Coin Dozer Haunted Ghosts
  5. Coin Dozer Pirates
  6. Carnival Gold Coin Dozer party
  7. Cookie Dozer
  8. Coin Dozer World Tour
  9. Casino Vegas Coin Party Dozer
  10. Palace Party Coin Dozer
  11. Coin Mania Farm Dozer

These were the best Coin Dozer games. These games have gained massive popularity in the casino game industry. The objective is to push objects on coins into the bottom hole for more tokes, prizes, puzzle pieces, and significant bonus token that all do different things. These games are one of the exciting games.

Coin Dozer Games
Coin Dozer Games

How to play Coin Dozer Games?

Almost all Coin Dozer Games played similarly. You need to push the objects on the coin in the hole at the bottom for more prizes and tokens. You can tap the screen in front of the pusher on the top screen to drop tokens at the board. Then the pusher will move back and forth continually pushing anything that gets in its way forward. Slowly you can gain more experiences, and your level will also rise. By forcing the tokens of the front edge, your levels will increase. But you shouldn’t sell the tokens in the right and left the side.

Coins can recover faster than average when you are in game 30 seconds each than when the game is turned off. In every Nine minutes, One improved. You can also leave your device for a faster recovery. But you need to plug in your phone to the charger because your battery will drain faster. You should guide the things that are near to falling into the side holes toward the hole at the front, where they count for something. You can drop one token on the far side same as the item you are trying to save. You can also push it far away from the ledge. To get the desired result, you need to drop regularly. Sometimes somethings can go far away that it can never be obtainable again.

Why Coin Dozer?

If you have already played this game, I think you have already found the reason to play this game. Well, Coin Dozer is very entertaining and addictive game. The main attraction of the Coin Dozer game is its 3D gameplay. You can get your favorite carnival coin pusher in this game. You can also shake the board for the extra push.

In this game, you can use your coin walls to receive prizes, coins and puzzle pieces into your bin. You can also drop a giant coin and watch on the board that everything splash forward frenzy. There are many other chips and individual coins with the different abilities. You can make free coins, prize and puzzle collection. You can also look at the Mystery box to drop on the board so that you can collect it for free prizes. You can obtain and finish many awards and puzzles for many game bonuses. You can also rotate the wheel of fortune to try your lucks for jackpots and bumper prizes.


Even if you don’t have Wifi in your area, you can play this game. Only a few coin pusher games provide this facility. Millions of peoples are enjoying playing this game. You can see easily any of the above mentioned Coin Dozer games from the play store. You can directly head over to casino machine to spin the slots, you can even win the jackpot, but it depends upon your strategy. This game has received some critics from some people due to popups and ads. But I think they are not serious problems. Still many peoples are enjoying this great game so you can also download this game from play store and start playing this game.


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