Clash Royale free gems | Learn & Earn Whitehat Method

Clash royale free gems learn and earn this method with full white hat method where you can earn an unlimited amount of clash royale free gems. Read the article to the end and get knowledge on how you can earn gems with our method.

Clash Royale is the famous tower rush video game developed by Supercell. This is a best multiplayer game featuring your favorites characters from Clash of Clans. You have to take part in three minutes battle, and you need to destroy opponent three crown towers to win the fight.

Clash Royale is not the easy game at all. You need to build the decks for winning the games. Fore building the deck you need to spend your money to buy Gems. The players who buy Gems can dominate the game than others who didn’t buy Gem. But you can use some free methods to get Clash Royale free gems.

In Clash Royale players need to destroy the opponent towers and king tower. In Clash Royale players are ranked by the trophy count. Gems are essential in this game. You can find many website and apps claiming to give free Gems for Clash Royale. But you should be aware of these kinds of apps. These kinds of apps and sites access your account and can harm your account. Oly few of these websites are trusted.  You should try to use legitimate ways to get Gems; there are many methods from which you can get Clash Royale Gems. Today in this post, we will inform you of some reasonable ways to get free Clash Royale Gems.

You should complete achievements to get Gems in Clash Royale. This is one of the most accessible methods to increase the number of Gems. You can also get some free gems for opening your free chest. You can get reward Gems for opening free chest every 4 hours. Completing your crown chest every day also help you to increase your Gems. There are some other ways too for growing gems from this game. But today I will share you some tricks to increase Gems using some apps and websites for improving your Gems. These websites and Apps are legitimate.

Clash Royale free gems
Clash Royale free gems

We have to make a list of a few websites and apps from where you can earn. These kinds of apps and site will reward you for doing some small tasks. And they will pay you in the Google Play Store Card or credit card, from which you can buy Gems. You need to reach the absolute limit to withdraw earned amount from those websites and apps to withdraw it. So let’s move to the list of Apps and Website from where you will get rewards which can exchange with Gems:

Clash Royale free gems Earning APPS


FreeMyAPp is an app that rewards you for completing specific tasks. They will give you points for completing different activities like completing surveys and downloading the apps suggested by them. You can easily download FreeMyApp from the play store. You can log in to this app with your Facebook account. Don’t worry they won’t post anything in your account. After you log in you can see the lists of different apps to download and earn points. Download many apps as you can suggest by FreeMyApp and after you reach enough points to withdraw. Once you reach 3,000 points, you can redeem it for $10 gift card. You can withdraw points as the gift card and buy Gems inside the game.

Big cash

Big cash is the app that works similar to FreeMyApp. You can download this app from play store. You can complete feature offers, take parts in a survey and refer your friends to make more points. After you earn a right amount of points, you can ask them to redeem it into gift cards. You can get the gift card in a few days and can buy Clash Royale free gems with this app.


PrizeRebel is a website from where you can get rewarded by completing small tasks and referring friends. You can use this site from any devices. First, go to and sign in with your Facebook account. They will reward you with more points compared to other sites.  You can withdraw points as gift cards and buy Gems from them.


You can also get Clash Royale gems by using free apps and sites. If you can give time in the above mentioned three apps and the site then you can get enough Gems. These are the trusted and legitimate way to earn Clash Royale Gems. You can try these apps and websites to increase your Gems. If you have more ways to make, more clash royale free gems let us know in the comment.

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